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RGA Accounting Limited - A small family business.

We are a small family business that aims to help lead you through the problems that any business encounters during its business life. Our clients vary from the small stand alone business or individual with investments up to million pound turnover companies that need a director rather than a remote accountant.

It is important that, in your business life, you work with a firm that understands many of the common problems associated with running a small business and can explain technical issues in plain English.

Common problems that are encountered include:

  • Start up business- there are various decisions to make before you set up in business. A sole trader business has the advantage of fewer administrative issues but also has the disadvantage of higher tax and NI. Even for a new or prospective client, we are happy to discuss the options available to you making you aware of the opportunities and pitfalls that can befall any new business. In many cases we can structure the business such that the risk of a failure is not so great that it will have a catastrophic effect on your life.
  • Setting up or changing status into a limited company Even after the changes in small company corporation tax rates, it is still often beneficial for profitable businesses to opt for going limited. However there are pitfalls and your personal circumstances could make this choice inadvisable. Alternatively setting up a partnership needs to be considered carefully so that the risks and rewards are divided appropriately.
  • A letter has been received from the Inland Revenue in respect of outstanding Tax Returns or missing information from old returns. Over the years we have managed to help many clients who have had problems relating to a specific issue be that returning to the UK from abroad, selling a business or second home, planning for retirement or ensuring that they stay compliant with IR35 and CIS legislation.

Link to RGA Accounting - Services pageIn all instances we try to ensure that we stay focused professional and approachable.